Another Great Day Thanks to My “Moving Friends”

I don’t know about you but I have never asked anyone I am not related to or sleeping with to help me move. Why would anyone sign up for that kind of exhaustion on what could otherwise be a nice weekend afternoon? I know I have good friends, and looking back they may have been happy to help, (especially if beer was present) but it was more about me not want to ask for too much, or push some kind of weird unspoken boundary. “Hey did Sue ask you guys to help her move out her apartment too?” “Yeah, what is she nuts, that’s what movers are for!”…

Well in the 5 days between the Indie awards, Closing SadieDey’s Cafe for good, and getting ready for the  Doof-a-Palooza food festival I experienced what can only be described as a mutiny. In one day my kitchen manager, operations manager and, one other employee did not try to take over my ship. They jumped.  I wont go into any details except to say “if you can’t stand the heat  “…well you know the rest and this was no “Hell’s Kitchen”

Bottom line is I have 500 pies, my first real fair and 1 hardworking staff gal left. (remember new readers, Momma Sue’s Blogs always offer a good dose of drama) Ultimately I shared my woes with family, neighbors and friends and a wonderful thing occurred. My unbeknownst to me “moving friends” just started moving shit. I didn’t have to worry about asking, they just started doing. I started waiving cash and asking everyone’s hourly rate while they shoved me out of the way and said “Sue please, this is what your friends do, this is what your community does.” I’ve lived in co-housing for 4 years and never really realized how supported I was. Serious “D’ cup support I’d say even.

So today I want to thank all of of my “Moving” friends who got going when my going got tough!

Thank You  to:

Ron, for not only helping me run the booth but for lending me his own Play Cafe employee, Gabby, for the day. And for hanging around the booth exclaiming to passersby “How amazing these pies are!”  What a good shill he was.

Blaise , for peeling an entire 30 pound case of Jicama so we could serve “Healthy” fries at the festival

The Ramsteds, for loaning us their ancient minivan when the  breaks went out in ours. ( your request to douse in gasoline, light on fire and roll off a cliff in case said ancient minivan finally died was not necessary. She ran great!)

Tori, for suggesting that She and her girlfriend Terri should come help man the booth

Terri, for actually manning the booth all afternoon when Tori got called away to a community work party. Its the thought that counts Tori and you are awesome.

Lucio, Terri’s son who’s best help was actually in holding the tent that nearly blew away when the Oakland afternoon winds picked up.

Gramma and Grampa, for taking both our baby beasts (Sadie and Dey) AND our rambunctious puppy off our hands as the last minute so we could pull this thing off.

Jannette, for helping me figure out how the hell the zippers worked on the t ent screen and for saying things like “You poor thing”. “You are such a great Boss”, “What, are they crazy”, “You were paying her that much!” and other phrases that good friends say.

The Hubby, for getting up at 5am, keeping me together and repeating my favorite mantra “Everything WILL be ok.”

A  word on the actual fair:

Amazing for the attendees, a few issues for us vendors. Lisa Bulwinkle does an amazing job of putting together awesome productions and street fairs. Free food and giveaways are great for the families that came, and having the farmers market right next door made for a huge amount of options for event goers, but provided an uneven playing field for those of us trying to sell our products. It was also hard to compete with major corporations like Chipoltle who were selling 2.00 tacos. This was a pr event for them which undercut it as a selling event for me.

This was my first fair so I have a lot to learn about what to expect and hod to guage what events will be a good fit for my pies and which one’s wont. Overall I more than broke even and got a few great connections and catering events out of it too. I’d say that’s a win.

Till the next drama,

Sassy Sue


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  1. I attended Doof-a-palooza only because we go to that Farmer’s Market every weekend. I was tickled that you had Jicama fries! And I completely enjoyed your chicken pie.
    I would stress location, location, location. Most of the action for that fair was on the upper deck. You’re spot caught more folks heading to Farmer’s Market — folks generally looking for samples from new vendors and buying other food. My purchase was a sheer afterthought because I know to take advantage of new food trucks (so to speak) without a line. Obviously, vendors often have no control over where they are put, but keep it in mind in the future when gauging how you did at an event. Also, see about getting in on Eat Real…Really!!!
    Once again, it was great to try your pies and I’ll be sure to try more next time! Keep up the good work.

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